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This game has a different direction of gameplay, rather than a modern warfare style army shooter, you get to choose to be a civilian or police officer.

It really is a different take on gameplay where it is more like a second life. You need licenses for cars, boats, and helicopters. If you're a civilian you need to work a job you get a paycheck and with the money, you earn you buy different items such as cars that you can get licenses for.

As a police officer, your aim is to police and keep the law of the civilians. You never know when something will pop off so you need to be ready all the time. Sometimes like in real life there are gangs and outlaws that need dealing with. Shoot them or put them in jail what kind of officer will you be.

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Offsite Backup System
We backup your server every time you stop or restart it. Our intelligent scripts zip up all of your important files and upload them in an instant to our offsite backup server.

Schedule Everything
You can schedule everything, Rcon commands sent to your Arma3 server including our exclusive messaging system, restarts, Steam updates and much more.

Mod Workshop Downloader
You have access to thousands of mods from our easy to use mod workshop download tool. Simply enter the mod id and click download. It could not be made simpler.

Instant Automated Setup
Our control panel will create your server instantly so you can be playing right away. You can log in straight away in our client area.

Easy To Use Control Panel
Easy to use CP for beginners and advanced users.

24 Hour Support
Our support is always online so you can easily get help.

No quibble refund.
Not satisfied? We will refund you in this unlikely event.

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TrustPilot rating 3.1 / 5
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    its a bit early for a review

    its a bit early for a review, but if this is purely on the beginning experience. the admin panel is easy to use but has many many options.
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    Fast, relaible service

    I have not had a problem with BlackBoxServers and any minor issues that have occured have been dealt with quickly and in a friendly manner!
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    good host

    good host, not sure what the bad reviews are about, they are easy to reach and servers run perfect.

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